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How to get here

Snowshoeing Maps

 How to get here

3 Chemin des Bois-Francs

—————–3 Chemin des Bois-Francs—————–

–3 Chemin des Bois-Francs

 From the road 366

1 – Take the Chemin Geggie

2 – Turn right on Chemin des Sources

3 – Stay straight on Chemin des Sources until its end

4 – Turn at right on Chemin des Bois-Francs

5 – The only house seen from the road is the one !

Snowshoeing Maps

Snowshoes Maps

The peculiar forest

  • Animal are very active there
  • Animal foot prints everywhere
  • Forested with coniferous tree
  • 1.5 km of trails

The frozen labyrinth

  • Very fun if you like to discover hidden paths
  • It is a actual labyrinth in a marsh
  • You can use your GPS to track you down
  • 8 km of trails !